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2016年12月08日 星期四

CakePHP 3.3.9 發佈,PHP 開發架構

CakePHP 3.3.9 發佈,PHP 開發架構

 Cakephp 3.3.9 發佈了,CakePHP 是一個運用了諸如 ActiveRecord、Association Data Mapping、Front Controller 和 MVC 等著名設計模式的快速開發框架。該項目主要目標是提供一個可以讓各種層次的 PHP 開發人員快速地開發出健壯的 Web 應用,而又不失靈活性。



  • An invalid option was removed from JsonView.
  • ShellDispatcher now logs fewer warnings about duplicate shells when debug logging is enabled.
  • The exception message raised when an ORM update fails due to missing primary key values has been improved.
  • Xml::toArray() no longer errors on tag names that match application class names.
  • Console errors no longer include duplicate tags when invalid options are used.
  • Improved API documentation for return & parameter types.
  • Router no longer parses extensions in a greedy way.
  • Route key elements can now be a single character.


  • BreadCrumbsHelper was added. This helper offers and improved API over the existing breadcrumb features offered by HtmlHelper.
  • Cake\Network\Response now features a __debugInfo() method.




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